our story

Finless, it’s beyond a brand, it’s a path to the unrevealed.

Fins on a surfboard are meant to ease control of trajectory. Without fins, the surfer is much more subject to where the waves wanna take him. Nature takes control. At Finless, we believe that everyone’s path is their own. No one knows what the future holds, be the voyager, close your eyes, and explore what nature throws at you.

Nature threw us trees, wood, different species. It also threw us family, friends, artists, creativity, and that’s where we started our voyage.

And knowing well that we cannot sustain our freewheeling journeys into the unknown without what nature gave us. And more so, to keep riding far into the future, we strive to build our boards in the most environmentally sustainable way possible and always seek ways to do it better. Ride, reduce, recycle, repeat.

So now we hand over the voyage to you. Coast a Finless into new adventures.

Keep it rad, keep it centered, keep it low … go with the flow.


2015. After wrapping up a tour, Dan McKay returned home to Montreal, bringing back a cruiser from the Golden Coast for his son, Harley. Super stoked with his new ride, Harley immediately hits the streets for a session. Sadly, not too long after receiving his board, it ends up under a car and is destroyed. Thankfully, the little rider wasn’t hurt, but he sure was bummed. In the blink of an eye, his new deck was gone. That’s when Dan figured that they should press and cut out a deck together. The result? An awesome, hand-crafted, quality skateboard. Eager to bring another creation to life, the boys pulled in Harley’s sister, Daisy-Jo, and began working on their next deck.

One skateboard turned into two, and then into six as requests for custom boards came rolling in. What started as a simple project quickly grew into a little family business. Each summer, the trio would set up shop in their backyard, throw on Fu Manchu’s greatest tunes, and make killer custom cruisers and longboards.

Inspired by SoCal beach towns like Malibu, Santa Monica, and Venice Beach, their decks are all about vintage feels with a modern twist. In the winter, the family goes to their second home, Los Angeles. Perfect for coastal cruising, Dan and the kids take their custom boards to Venice Beach, testing out the golden grit of the oceanside boardwalks.


With a global pandemic in full-swing and touring coming to a full halt, the McKay trio decided to go full-throttle on skateboard building. From a backyard project to a woodshop team, Finless is born. To make boards with our own hands, to make them different, with sustainable materials.